Shri M.P.Birla

 Smt. P.Birla

The Birla Group is one of the largest Industrial House in India. The Group owns over 500 factories in a wide range of industries such as textiles, man made fibres, cables, woollens, automobiles, industrial and textiles machines, sugar, paper, shipping, cement, jute, aluminium, copper, fertilizers, chemicals, power plants, non-ferrous semis, etc. The Group also has over 40 joint ventures and management contracts in several countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, England, Phillipines, Indonesia, Thailand, Uganda, Ethiopia, Egypt, etc.

The Group is known for its philanthropic and educational activities. It donates millions every year to technical instituitions, famine, relief funds, hospitals and religious organizations. It has set up some of the most prominent educational instituitions and hospitals in the country.

M.P.Birla Group controls substantial assets of the Birla Group. It also has interests in the other companies of the Birla Group by way of investments in their equities.


Business Activities


Philanthrophic Activities
(under construction)

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